Step 1

Cut two stars out of Vlieseline S520-10.

Step 2

Adhesive side down, fuse the two stars onto the wrong side of christmas fabric.

Step 3

Cut around the stars leaving a 1cm seam allowance and snip into the corners.

Step 4

Fuse 1cm of Bondaweb around the entire seam allowance.

Step 5

Remove the backing paper, fold and fuse in all five points of each star. Then fold in and fuse in the remaining seams. Repeat on second star.

Step 6

Mark the centre of the stars, stitch in pin pleats from the inner edges into the centre mark. Repeat with the second star.

Step 7

Fold in half, from point of star to the centre and press a permanent crease in with a steam iron. Repeat until all of the points of the two stars have permanent creases.

Step 8

Using decorative braid, 12cm long, form a loop and stitch to the top point of the star, at the same time, also stitch a match-ing ribbon 35cm long, 1cm lower than the braid. Fold in half the ribbon ends and snip from the folded edge to the outer edges to neaten.

Step 9

Wrong sides together, stitch along the outer edges of the stars leaving the point with the braid loop open. Through the open point stuff the centre of the star with Deco Fleece.Use a pencil to push the fleece in firmly, continue until the centre of the star is firm.

Step 10

Stitch up the open point and finally tie the ribbon into a bow, and stitch on decorative beads.

Products used for this creation:

Firm Interlining - S 520, Deco-Wadding

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