Step 1

Measure the height and circumference of the bottle selected and the diameter of its bottom. Draw the sizes measured with 1 cm seam allowance on 272 and cut the material out. The height of the bottle determines the length and the circumference of the bottle determines the width of the piece of 272 to be cut to size.

Step 2

Cut the pieces of outer fabric to size twice for the inside and outside of the sleeve and bottom, adding 1.5 cm for the seam allowance. Instead of cutting them out, the pieces of fabric to be used for the sleeve can also be torn off along the run of thread, if you wish. This achieves a perfectly straight line and makes it easier to pull out the threads of the outer fabric.

Step 3

Pull out the horizontal threads at the upper edge and the two longitudinal edges of the outer fabric for the sleeve until you have fringes of about 1 cm length.

Step 4

Stitch the two pieces of 272 Thermolam cut to size to the wrong side of the piece of outer fabric used for the inside of the cooler sleeve at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edges.

Step 5

Pin the pieces cut out for the bottom and the sleeve together with the stitched-on 272 Thermolam and sew them together at a distance of 1.5 cm from the edges. Then cut back the seam. Proceed in the same manner with the pieces for the outside of the cooler.

Step 6

Place the fabric piece for the inside into the outside piece with the wrong sides facing and stitch the open fringed edges together towards the outside. Close the fringed edges about half.

Step 7

Fold over the open edges as you like and iron them into shape.

Step 8

Shopping list: Vlieseline 272 Thermolam | Outer fabric and thread at yout choice

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