Embroidery Set


Application areas

Attractive starter set for finding the right embroidery aid for your own embroidery project.


• Filmoplast H 54: Great stability for small pieces such as collars and cuffs that do not fit in an embroidery frame.

• Solufix: Instant stability highly stretchy fabrics

• Solufleece: Perfect for stabilising pieces without a solid fabric base (e.g. yarns, woollen threads)

• Stitch-n-Tear: Very easy to use, perfect for firm fabrics.

• Fuse-n-Tear: Perfect for slightly stretchy fabrics, does not lose its shape

Fusing condition

Hand iron

with damp cloth


6 s

Care recommendation


5 embroidery stabilizer sheets; Filmoplast H 54; Soluflix, Solufleece, Stich-n-Tear and Fuse-n-Tear as well as a brochure with detailed instructions, application recommendations and inspirations to follow.




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Processing information

We recommend testing the products before using them in your project.

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In our complete brochure you will find a detailed description of each product.

Sample folder

Our digital sample folder makes it easy for you to choose the perfect interlining.

Sewing instructions

Let our sewing instructions inspire you to create new projects.

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