What is the difference between Solufleece and Solufix?Close
They are both water-soluble embroidery backings. Solufix is also self-adhesive, thus preventing the designs from slipping when you do embroidery work. Solufix makes it far easier to embroider accurately and neatly than with the use of spray-on glue. It is also ideal for new, creative techniques, such as “crazy” technique .

What is the difference between Stitch-n-Tear and Fuse-n-Tear?Close
They are both used for embroidering. Ironing Fuse-n-Tear onto fabric also makes it temporarily adhesive andit can be torn out without leaving any remnants. It is especially good when embroidering on stretch fabrics. Fuse-n-Tear stabilises the fabric, to result in perfect embroidery work free from distortion.

Decovil I Light is very soft. Is it also suitable for stabilising my bag?Close
Ironing Decovil I Light onto the outer fabric makes the interlining very stable but it still remains flexible. It is ideal when you wish to give your bag a softer handle.

Can I use the steam from my iron instead of a damp cloth?Close
We recommend ironing the appropriate interlining on with a damp cloth. This will produce a more stable, even result than with steam.

What is the difference between a Quilter's Grid and a Quickscreen Square?Close
With Quilter's Grid, the motif is designed with square pieces of fabric. It also has an adhesive for affixing pieces of fabric. The edges can then be sewn around accurately, causing no fraying or slipping of the design that has been laid out. With a Quickscreen Square on the other hand, strips of fabric are used. And it has no adhesive.

Does Solufleece have a top/bottom, or right side/wrong side? Close
No,it doesn't. It makes no difference which side of Solufleece is on the top or the bottom.

What does "apply with a dry iron" mean?Close
An iron (without steam) is moved in slow circles on the interlining (the fabric is underneath), using a little pressure and observing the recommended ironing time.

Do I have to process the batting with the lining or the outer fabric?Close
We recommend processing the batting with the lining by stitching it to the lining, either in parallel or sewing it on free-hand.

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