Picnic Collection

As the days start to lengthen nature begins to emerge and bloom, the perfect opportunity for a picnic! Our new biodegradable woven interlining has everything needed for days out in the countryside.

The collection includes reusable grocery bags, cloth napkins, cutlery bags and cosy blankets and cushions all packed into a practical backpack for easy storage.

At Vlieseline® we’re constantly searching for sustainable solutions for DIY projects in order to protect nature and our environment and are extremely excited about our new woven interlinings B 700 and B 710. These products are coated with a unique adhesive manufactured using natural resources which makes them 100% biodegradable. This unique composition ensures that the product decomposes in soil at the end of the garment’s life cycle, providing an environmentally friendly solution without any harm to our planet. B 700 and B 710 are suitable for use in a range of dressmaking applications including collars and cuffs in blouses and shirts, as well as a multitude of applications in crafting projects where sustainability is a priority.

Products used:

Let yourself be inspired and be creative with Vlieseline®!

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About Vlieseline

For more than 75 years Vilene has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications. Our Vilene products are the most famous and prestigious interlinings for those with a passion for sewing, for studios and for professional tailors/dressmakers.

Our high quality interlinings are the base for perfect and safe solutions.

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