Step 1

Make the templates and draw the flower on the G 700 side without adhesive. Lay the adhesive side of G 700 and the right side of the outer fabric face-to-face, pin them together and sew around the shape. Do not iron your work!

Step 2

Cut out the flower, allowing for a seam of approx. 0.5 cm.

Step 3

Cut out small triangles, cutting until just before the seam, around the curves and the corners.

Step 4

Cut into G 700 in the middle for turning your work inside out. Do not cut into the top material.

Step 5

Turn your work inside out, so that the right side of the outer fabric is on the outside. Shape the curves from the inside if necessary. Do not iron your work!

Step 6

Cut out H 630 and the second piece of outer fabric using the hexagon template.

Step 7

Iron H 630 onto the wrong side of the outer fabric (press on firmly step by step using a damp cloth, 15 seconds, 2-3 dots).

Step 8

Place the hexagon with the fleece side on the flower side with G700. Make sure that the corners of the hexagon are on the corners of the flower.

Step 9

Turn the curves inside out and iron them on one after the other (glide iron slowly over each area 6 times applying pressure and using a damp cloth, 12 seconds, 3 dots).

Step 10

Sew around the edges using an embroidery stitch.

Step 11

Sew the hexagons together along the edges – either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Step 12

Lay out the individual completed shapes as you wish and sew them together. You have now produced unique basic material for making your own creations, for example a shoulder bag.

Products used for this creation:

Woven Interlining G 700, Batting H 630

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