Step 1

Cut all parts to size as shown in the picture (1 piece of outer fabric A, 1 piece of lining fabric, 1 piece of Style-Vil, 2 bias-cut strips of outer fabric B , 2 pieces of outer fabric B for the drawstring casing)

Step 2

Place the bias-cut strips on outer fabric A in parallel with the upper edge and iron them on using Bondaweb. Make sure that both strips have the same distance from the respective upper edge of the outer fabric. Apply the strips symmetrically at both ends.

Step 3

Place the rickrack in the middle of each bias-cut strip and also secure it with Bondaweb.

Step 4

Place Style-Vil under the wrong side of the fabric, sew on the bias-cut strip with a row of topstitches close to the edge and secure the rickrack with a row of topstitches in the middle. To make your work easier, secure Style-Vil with basting stitches at presser foot width all around the outer fabric.

Step 5

Fold the strips for the drawstring casing in half lengthwise and iron.

Step 6

Place the drawstring casing strip on the upper edge of the outer fabric, right sides together, and sew together. Cut off Style-Vil close to the seam and press the seam open. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side.

Step 7

Place the lining fabric on the drawstring casing strip, right sides together, and sew.

Step 8

Work the opposite side of the lining fabric in the same manner.

Step 9

Place the parts of your work on top of each other, ensuring that the joining seams are precisely aligned. It is best to secure the parts with some pins to prevent the pieces from slipping.

Step 10

Sew the side seams together and leave an opening at 1.5 cm from the folding line on one side of your work (marking in the pattern) for the drawstring casing. Leave an opening for turning in the lining fabric.

Step 11

Cut Style-Vil off close to the seam allowance.

Step 12

To close the bottom of the bag, place its lower corners on top of each other.

Step 13

Turn the cosmetic bag through the opening in the lining fabric and close the opening by hand.

Step 14

Nestle the lining fabric into the bag and iron the upper edge again.

Step 15

Topstitch the work at about 3 cm from the upper edge to make the drawstring casing.

Step 16

Attach a safety pin to one end of the drawstring and guide it through the casing. Put a drawstring stopper on either end of the drawstring and then tie a knot into the ends to prevent the stoppers from slipping off.

Step 17

To embellish the front of your bag, attach a loop of rickrack and a button.

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