Step 1

Cut out Solufleece, batting P 140, Bondaweb, 272 Thermolam and the two outer fabrics to the size of your choice. Then draw the shape to be topstitched on the Solufleece (in the example: circles using a glass)

Step 2

Lay out the outer fabric with the wrong side to the top, place P 140 on top of the fabric, then cover with 2 layers of Bondaweb (peel off the backing paper beforehand) and finally cover with the Solufleece with the quilt pattern drawn on.

Step 3

Join all the layers by stitching the shapes that have been drawn on.

Step 4

Set your iron at the highest setting and first of all allow steam to spurt out of the iron a few times away from the ironing board to prevent any residual water from getting onto the Solufleece. Then move the steaming iron slowly across your work, holding it approx. 1 cm above the work. Allow the material to cool down now and then so that moisture can escape, and then move across your work with the steam iron again.

Step 5

Leave your work to stand for an hour to cool down completely, then wash the Solufleece out in the washing machine at approx. 30°. After the work has dried, turn it inside out so that the wrong side is on the top. Then cover with 272 Thermolam and the second outer fabric with the wrong side facing down.

Step 6

Cut out jersey fabric and G 785 to the required length and width (corresponding to the length of the edges of the crushed work). Iron onto the wrong side with G 785 (iron on at a low heat in parts in order to avoid distortion; then press on firmly step by step using a damp cloth, 8 sec., 2-3 dots). Turn the edges 1 cm in to the inside and iron down, iron the strip halfway towards the fold and open out again.

Step 7

Cut P 140 in the length and width of the bias-cut tape (without a 2-cm seam allowance) and insert.

Step 8

Pin the strip lined with P 140 along the edges and sew all around 0.5 cm from the edge in order to cover the surrounding edge of your work. If you would like the result to be less bulky, you can also use a different batting without adhesive, e.g. 248/249 or 280/281.

Products used for this creation:

272 Thermolam

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