• Style-Vil

    Revolutionize your creative needlework


    Smooth, foamed lightweight fabric for sew-in application. Combines excellent stabilization and cushioning with a very soft hand feel.

    All fabrics

  • S133S133S133S133

    For textile craftwork and accessories

    Firm Interlining - S 133

    Very firm and compact interlining for fabric bowls, peaks of caps, bottom of bags as well as for creative works.

    Almost all fabrics

  • DecovilDecovil

    Fusible interlining with leather-like handle

    Decovil I

    Tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore it is resilient, resistant to bending, punchable and the cutting edges stay tight. Thereby the fixed fabrics are good to handle and very stable and durable. Ideally suited for the creation of hats, belts, bags and small fabric bowls, but also, for interior decoration.

    For decorative fabrics, cotton, synthetics, etc.

  • Lightweight fusible interlining with leather-like handle

    Decovil I Light

    Decovil I Light is the lighter and softer alternative to Decovil I. Nevertheless, it has the same varied properties: Tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore it is resilient, resistant.

    Decorative fabrics, cotton, synthetics, etc.

  • VliesofixVliesofix

    Iron on, adhesive web for appliqués, handicrafts, and repairs


    Iron-on adhesive on paper carrier - paper supports the web while drawing as well as ironing. Different materials and fabrics can be fused together by ironing, very easily. Ideal for fancy appliqués and textile handicrafts in all forms and colours as well as for repairs.

    For almost all fabrics, raffia, cardboard and, at lower temperatures also for leather

  • Embroidery without stretching of the fabric


    Suitable as backing for embroideries and appliqués; for transferring and making topstitch work and patchwork.

    All fabrics

  • Iron-on embroidery backing


    Fusible stabilizer for machine embroideries, especially on elastic fabrics. For patchwork use instead of freezer paper. Can be used to print in ink-jet printers.

    All fabrics

  • Filmoplast H54Filmoplast H54

    Self adhesive embroidery backing - Tear off

    Filmoplast H54

    Small embroideries and monograms become child’s play with the self-adhesive embroidery backing Filmoplast H 54. Can easily be removed without leaving residue. Also suitable for creating collages.

    For all materials, e.g. jersey, silk, etc.

  • SoluvliesSoluvliesSoluvlies

    Water-soluble embroidery backing


    Water soluble (25-30°C) embroidery backing for all machine embroideries and new creative works like crashing or “Crazy-Technique”.

    Almost all fabrics

  • Self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer


    Water soluble and self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer - no adhesive spray necessary. for all machine embroideries, new creative techniques and ideal sewing aid for mini-quilts.

    Almost all fabrics

  • Wipeable iron-on transfer film

    Lamifix gloss

    A fusible, transparent and wet cleanable iron-on film. For additionally processing place mats and textile craftworks.

    Almost all fabrics

  • Rasterquick ViereckRasterquick Viereck

    Patchwork interfacing for accurate sewing

    Quickscreen Square

    Interfacing with printed 1x1 cm grid in an 90° angle - logical alternative to traditional stencil techniques. Geometric patterns and shapes are quickly and easily transferred. Extremely suitable for the transfer and enlargement of cut and design drawings.

    All fabrics

  • Rasterquick Dreieck

    Patchwork interfacing for accurate sewing

    Quickscreen Triangle

    Interfacing with printed grid in an 60° angle for e.g. stars, baby blocks, hexagon, triangles, diamonds or trapezoids. Geometric patterns and shapes are quickly and easily transferred.

    All fabrics

  • Quilters GridQuilters Grid

    Patchwork interfacing for accurate sewing

    Quilters Grid

    Fusible nonwoven for watercolor quilts with printed-on 1-inch-grid lines; brown and fine printed lines.

    All fabrics

  • CS800

    Spunbond with unlimited possible uses

    CS 800

    For experimental surface designs, for home decor and interior designs as well as painting.


  • Dekowatte

    A versatile stuffing material


    Nontoxic synthetic fibres which have a very soft hand feel and are very bulky. Can be used for all handicrafts where three-dimensional effects are wanted. especially suitable for stuffing pillows, dolls, soft toys, teddy bears, decorations, and many more.

    For stuffing -dolls -soft toys, teddy bears -pillows, etc.

About Vlieseline

For more than 60 years Vilene has become the essential interlining for all kinds of applications. Our Vilene products are the most famous and prestigious interlinings for those with a passion for sewing, for studios and for professional tailors/dressmakers.

Our high quality interlinings are the base for perfect and safe solutions.

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